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Make 6 Figures As A Social Media Manager

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PRE- RECORDED Master Class by Annalisa & Antoinette

How many job opportunities can promise you money AND time?

And not just paid time off, or vacation time, but the free time that allows you to live your life the way you intended.

If we learned anything in 2020 it’s that the traditional 9-5 is a dying model, and jobs that can be done remotely are on the rise.

Learn how to capitalize on this change and get started in the social media management field.

Start a new stream of income that promotes a healthy work-life balance, and can be done ANYWHERE. Seriously, right from your phone.

Whether you’re on the beach enjoying a girl trip, or taking your kids to swim class, as long as you have a phone and WiFi, being a social media manager is for YOU!

If you want to learn how to get started in this booming industry, sign up for the How to Make 6 Figures as a Social Media Manager Course

Get a crash course on how to start your business and get insider social media techniques to set you apart from the rest!

You will learn:

How to set up your business

How to market your business

How to find and secure high-paying clients (Make 6-figures this year!!)

How to create engaging content creation and copywriting

How to manage small, medium, and large accounts

How to create content that converts

Access to Social Media Manager Community

Get ready to start making money on your own time, and enjoy life not tied down

to a 9-5.

Become a Canva pro!

Other designer apps to use outside of Canva

The TOP industry tools and applications… and so much more!

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Make 6 Figures As A Social Media Manager

34 ratings
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